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Western Australia is one of the greatest places on earth to live.  But there's just one thing missing ... snow!

West Coast Snowpark is a project that could change that.

Indoor skiing facilities - Snowdomes - operate throughout the world, bringing the excitement of skiing and boarding to hundreds of thousands of people.

While there's no true substitute to fresh mountain air and miles of trails, indoor skiing does have some advantages.

Skiing in Perth - what a cool idea!


 ** News Update - December 09 - Stage 1 to be Outdoor Slope **

Concerns over carbon emissions and energy consumption have put the development of an indoor refrigerated facility on hold, pending availability of viable green energy sources.

Rather than delay the entire project, the decision has been taken to modify the project to commence with a 'Stage 1' outdoor facility, using one of two possible synthetic surfaces.

More information will be released soon.